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Beneficiary: CERC ASBL
Account number:  1275-3017796-00-78
Bank Name : Trust Merchant Bank SA.

Swift code (BIC): TRMSCD3L

Bank address: 1, Avenue du Congo, Kimanga, Uvira, Sud-Kivu, République Démocratique du Congo, Tél. +2438127101886  Email: [email protected], Code BCC: 1275

Through a partnership with users groups and public operators, we contribute to the construction of infrastructure in view of improving the populations' access to drinking water. We increase production capacities, develop water distribution networks and improve water quality. As a consequence, water chores, which are usually carried out by women and young girls, become less time consuming.

We help the population to improve the local environment, mostly through awareness-raising activities and the installation of equipment (drainage of runoff, evacuation and treatment of waste water, latrines, etc.).

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